Sephora play 💕reviews

October review for Sephora play ! Ok so my bag was amazing Sephora definitely got the products right for my skin and something else to keep in mind was this was my first box 📦💕💄

Sephora I’m stoked you got my skin care needs to a T my skin type is combo I’m 24 years old and my skin care concerns are anti aging and anti breakouts products and I love the products I got ❤️ what I love personally about the box is it gives you products for your needs but maybe products you wouldn’t think to go for and that’s what’s so great that’s how you find your go to favorite products that you’ll be happy to buy again and again !

Reviews reviews reviews ! I never really realized how much I actually based my thought process on buying something using other people’s reviews then I jumped on the bandwagon and started being one of those reviews for people that’s one reasons I’ve started a blog is to help other people make an informed purchase so they get an idea on what products they really want rather then I guess hype you here threw grape vine 👀

If your with Sephora you can get great rewards and points toward free products and don’t forget every time you make a purchase you get free samples how awesome is that ?!?

The theme of October Sephora play bag is “joy of complexion” in each box will receive a cleanser a moisturizer a primer a foundation and a free sample . In my bag I received the (TARTE quench hydrating primer rainforest of the sea collection)(SHISEIDO waso clear mega -hydrating moisturizer)(ORIGINS Dr. Andrew Weil for ORIGINS mega-mushroom relied &resilience soothing treatment lotion) (YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE a kale + green tea spinach vitamins superfood cleanser) (URBAN DECAY all nighter long -lasting makeup setting spray) bonus (DPHUE apple sider vinegar hair masque)

The primer by TARTE goes on like a moisturizer it’s amazing for dry or combo skin I absolutely love the feel of it feels just like a soft skin texture on your face ,oh and has a light amazing smell !The SHISEIDO clear moisturizer works amazing and smells like beautiful light roses very refreshing feeling on your face I give it a 10/10 ! ORIGINS soothing treatment lotion kinda reminds me of a toner but it smells amazing 💕! YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE supper food cleanser , I love this smells light and works gently to remove all the makeup or gunk on your face ! URBAN DECAY all nighter makeup setting spray this baby really does what it says you put your makeup on early in the morning do what ever you do threw your day it’ll still be in tact when ever you decide to wash your face ❤️! DPHUE apple sider vinegar hair mask I will definitely have to get more of this it helps my dry ends be soft and healthy looking and less frizz to my main ! Love love this months box 📦 I’ll be excited to see next moths box and to give you all a better review on products that you may just want to try and get your hands on ❤️💄😇📦

Let’s talk reviews !!!

I’ve had so many people ask me about what beauty products I use so I said I’d make a blog and spill the deets ❤️👀

So I’ve decided I’d post my personal opinions on products I’ve used and for my skin type and tell u weather or not it may or may not be the best product for you to go out and buy. I’ll post my reviews around 2-3 times weekly!❤️🎁

I’m so excited to start a sight and start showing the reviews for everyone who’s wanting to try new products but don’t want to waste your time and money . I know what it’s like to constantly try new things and think I’m tired of wasting money and my time… well then u look for reviews on what they think about the products your interested in trying and find people that are helpful in the process of you getting your hands on new products. I’d love to know how you all make an informed idea before you go out or order your new beauty products?!

If anyone has questions feel free to message me or comment on here !

My love for skincare and beauty products are always strong 💪 I also know a good amount of healthy well being and weightlifting also another passion of mine!

I’m starting my reviews with subscription boxes ;I’m starting with Sephora play and Ipsy (original) ! I’ll post my monthly bags and if u want me to compare them also let me know please !💕 I might join the Birchbox as well to compare best box if anyone wants a different box reviewed let me know and I’ll grab it as soon as I can ❤️ I’ll do my best to review and give you my best organic options ❤️